Birds, Birding, Birdnerds, & Birdnerding – The Titmouse

birds -titmouse1a

One of our highly nerdy yet entertaining passions is trying to capture interesting or lovely photos of the birds that cross our path. Our path is often quite close to home (a.k.a. adjacent to it as it is in our yard), but we have found some magical winged wonders since moving here a few short months ago.

birds -titmouse2The titmouse is one of our favorites because it has a sassy hairdo and loves to talk back to you when you play bird calls in its vicinity.birds - titmouses not titmice a

Fun fact that you never wanted to know – the plural of titmouse is titmouses, not titmice. Think of it like houses, not hice.  😉

Happy birdnerding to all!  Jo