Rockhound is the friendly term used to describe a geological packrat (a person who collects rocks).  That’s my crew.  We can’t resist picking up driftwood, shells, and twisty intricate sticks wherever we find them.  But above all, we love to collect rocks.  Either you get it, or you don’t.  It’s fine by us either way.

Most of the families in our area take their kids to Disney, Universal Studios, and other big name entertainment, and that’s awesome.  We take ours to mountains, quarries, and mines, and that’s pretty epic, too.

Over the past couple of years, we started rockhounding in earnest.  We went from casually picking up lovely rocks we walked past to actively seeking places with beautiful geological formations.  Helmets and pickaxes also joined the family at that point.  You know the old saying…  The family that pickaxes together…  Nevermind – I can already see why that phrase never made the old sayings list.

Thanks so much to all of the rockhounds who have shared their time, knowledge, and kindness.  You have made our world shimmer and sparkle in more ways than one, and you have become our instant family.

This site will go through some of our previous adventures as well as some of our more memorable mishaps (no – not pickaxe related).  I am aiming to continue updating it as we take more family nerdventures.  Hopefully some of these will make you smile, and even better, maybe they will inspire you to go out there and get to digging, too.  If that happens, let us know.  We always love to hear other people’s rock hunting stories!  🙂


rock people


11 thoughts on “Rockhounds”

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    This is a brand new blog I just started (two whole minutes ago!). It’s about my nerdy crew and our family rockhounding adventures. It’s our thing. We take it to the extreme (isn’t that so surprising) and have had some awesome moments as well as some epic fails (again – more surprise). It’s a completely different type of blog, and they (usually) make me smile. Maybe they will make some of the other rockhounds out there smile, too. 🙂 Joanna

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  2. What a great post! I love rocks, too. Maine is great rock hound territory. From a beach made entirely of polished jasper to another littered with fossils. In the western part of the state there are a lot of mines, some open to the public. It is rare for the average person to find anything valuable, but experienced miners have found tourmaline, amethyst, and many more gems. I have found garnets, mica and black tourmaline. If you like to find fun rocks, come to Maine!

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  3. Nerdventures … I love that !!! Whatever makes you happy … I’ve never tried collecting rocks … but … I look forward to learning from the best … the MoJo family !!! Thanks for the future knowledge you plan to share !!! Jan


    1. It seems like it’s one of those things you either love or don’t get. Like fairy gardening. We love almost anything nature-esque. The one monstrous exception is camping. I just like a comfy bed and less critter interaction potential!


    1. (Also we all wanted one of those but the teeny was the only one whose head it didn’t hurt) (And by “we all” I mean all the women) (The boys didn’t appreciate the awesomeness of that helmet.)


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